So inspirational. – Stephen Sutton

So inspirational.

Stephen Sutton

I was very saddened to hear that this inspirational, selfless man passed away. He raised more than 3 million pounds for the teenage cancer trust which is amazing! He did this to help other young people in the future, like him, suffering from cancer.

This story meant a great deal to me, a friend of mine passed away almost 2 years ago, aged 19, my mum is now winning her battle and my dad passed away in January and to see Stephen, a young man going through this and also managing to raise the amount of money he did is truly inspiring.

What he did will never be forgotten and the money raised will help so many others. His family must be so proud of his accomplishments.

When first hearing of his passing I thought back to my friends passing, both so young and still had so much to experience that I looked back on what was said at my friends funeral,

“We do not judge a book by its length, or by the number of pages in it. We judge it by the richness of its contents. Sometimes short stories are among the most poignant… We do not judge a song by its duration, or by the number of notes it contains. We judge it by the way it touched our hearts and lifted our souls. Sometimes brief melodies are among the most beautiful… And when a story has enriched your life, or when a melody lingers in your heart.. is it too brief? Or is it endless? So it is with life, those we love and carry in our hearts and our memories, live with us forever.”

I hope other people, his family, friends, supporters anyone affected by this finds comfort in that like I did.

Introducing myself.

Introducing myself.

This is me, I’m the girl, the guy is my fiance, we have been together since 10/12/2008.
We have not set a date yet, money is an issue as many of you will probably have experienced at some point too! I’m 21, work 2 jobs, my full time job is working with children and my part time job is working with young people with additional support needs.
In September I will be going back to college to study HND Social Science!

I’m writing a book in my spare time, it is harder than I thought it would be!